Super Bowl XLVII Screen Grabs [Updated]

Super Bowl XLVII Screen Grabs [Updated]


Super Bowl XLVII Screen Grabs [Updated]

This will be an in-game running post with nothing but screen grabs. Feel free to have another drink.

Ravens are Super Bowl champions!

Somehow this still seemed to be an awkward handshake.

Jim Harbaugh thought there was holding on a 4th down pass from Kaepernick to Crabtree because there was holding. Crabtree was pushing off too.

Jim Harbaugh freaking out on the sidelines is nothing new.

Kaepernicking finally makes an appearance.

Ray Rice fumble puts San Fran in scoring position.

What do we do?

Lights out in Super Dome and most probably in the press box because the sound went out on CBS broadcast.

Half-time break. Here’s Beyonce doing her thing.

Did Les Miles call that fake field goal?

Nah, these two aren’t related.

Baltimore gets on the board first with a great touchdown catch by Anquan Boldin.

Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Elementary students singing America The Beautiful.

CBS All-22 cam is available online.

Ray Lewis doing the Ray Lewis thing for the last time.

Jim Harbaugh headbutts his kids before games.

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