Mets Ownership Wanted to Open a Casino Next to Citi Field

Mets Ownership Wanted to Open a Casino Next to Citi Field


Mets Ownership Wanted to Open a Casino Next to Citi Field

Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, the increasingly hilarious owners of the New York Mets, reportedly wanted to build a 500-room hotel and casino next to Citi Field to presumably serve as the perfect horrible antidote for perturbed Mets fans exiting the stadium in the fourth inning. The duo’s real estate company, Sterling Equities, had originally pitched the idea back in September of 2011, but the notion was quickly rebuffed since live-dealer casino gambling is illegal in New York except on tribal lands.

Instead, the company was awarded 23 acres to build a $3 billion entertainment complex. From the New York Post:

“The submission that included a gaming use was quickly dismissed as unviable,” a spokesman with the city’s Economic Development Corp. told the Post. “A different plan is now moving through the approvals process for a project that will create a dynamic new destination, hundreds of units of affordable housing, and thousands of jobs.”

That whole “illegal” thing really threw an unfortunate hitch into the mix. Imagine a giant casino next to Citi Field? Such a disastrously hilarious scenario would make the stadium’s massive, rowdy bar, McFaddeen’s, look like a stuffy, black tie affair. But there is still hope for fascinating debauchery, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature are in the process of bringing legalized casino gambling to New York.

[via New York Post]

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