Arian Foster and The Iron Sheik Had a Brief Twitter Feud

Arian Foster and The Iron Sheik Had a Brief Twitter Feud


Arian Foster and The Iron Sheik Had a Brief Twitter Feud

Arian Foster asked for some funny people to follow on Twitter late Friday night. Among the suggestions was The Iron Sheik, one of the most … colorful sports-related personalities on the Internet. Mention “The Iron Sheik” and he’ll go off on a profanity-laced rant about someone’s lack of respect or the size of their penis. Before we get to his interaction with Foster, I’ll give you a little background on Sheik via Tim’s interview with Hulk Hogan.

Q: Now this next question is from one of my followers on Twitter: If you had to go on an 18-hour road trip with the Iron Sheik or the Ultimate Warrior, who would you choose?

HOGAN: Oh god. Iron Sheik all day long. At least he’d tell the truth. He’s brutal, but he’s funny.

Q: Do you follow him on Twitter?

HOGAN: I can’t help but hear his comments. I was telling someone earlier today when they asked me about him. The standard thing is “screw Hulk Hogan the f’ing faggot, and I’m gonna bang him in the ass!” You know, standard Sheik stuff, right. Every day, all day long. So I’m in New York six months, a year ago, doing a photoshoot and someone tells me the Iron Sheik is downstairs. So I told them to send him up and he did. He’s always been cool to me. Dude, he sat there and almost drank a whole case of beer. Finally, he had to be somewhere, so when he’s leaving he says “Terry, I love you so much.” As soon as he cleared the room, he’s yelling “fuck Hulk Hogan, fuck him in the ass.” I was like, I give up. Sheik’s dangerous, you gotta watch our for him.

So that is the kind of person we are working with here. Now I’ll let Twitter, take it away.

I’m with Arian Foster. However, it is best to let The Iron Sheik do his thing and not engage him. [via Houston Press]

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