Arian Foster Punched a Guy on Hawaii Five-O [Video]

Arian Foster Punched a Guy on Hawaii Five-O [Video]


Arian Foster Punched a Guy on Hawaii Five-O [Video]

Arian Foster was on Hawaii Five-O this week. I watched the episode and can only tell you that the Pro Bowl was in town. And people were excited to go see the game. Seriously. Multiple people who live in Hawaii were excited to go watch this exhibition game. The two male detectives (Scott Caan and another actor who is the size of a normal human) got tickets on the 50-yard line and didn’t want to miss the game. Two lady detectives had field passes or something. Then Scott Caan got shot and the guys had to miss the game and the saw the lady detectives on television, enjoying the Pro Bowl. It was amazing.

Back to Arian Foster, he was drinking alone at a bar in the middle of the day and ended up punching some dude who was arguing with a hooker. So then Scott Caan and Taller McAveragehight went to question Foster at Pro Bowl practice. Pro Bowl practice was open to the public and Foster was showing some fans his touchdown celebration. After he showed his celebration to the fans, he explained that he doesn’t like to do his touchdown celebration off the field because it is sacred.

Then Scott Caan asks Arian Foster about a fumble in week 11 that cost him his fantasy football championship. I’ll just leave that there. Check out Foster’s acting skills in the video above.

*Many details in my description of the plot may be inaccurate.

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