Athlete Mugshots: 13 Memorable or Amusing Ones Ranging From Andre the Giant to Josh Hamilton

Athlete Mugshots: 13 Memorable or Amusing Ones Ranging From Andre the Giant to Josh Hamilton


Athlete Mugshots: 13 Memorable or Amusing Ones Ranging From Andre the Giant to Josh Hamilton

Desmond Bryant of the Raiders was arrested over the weekend and charged with criminal mischief. That alone isn’t that big of a deal, but when he showed up shirtless and made this face at the police station, it became an instant classic mugshot. Below are 13 more athletes who have had their pictures taken inside a police station. The charges range from murder to getting a little too drunk.

Kobe Byrant – 2003 – Sexual Assault

Kobe Bryant’s mugshot from Eagle, Colorado was good enough that Sports Illustrated chose it for their cover. The case was eventually dropped and a civil suit was settled out of court.

Charles Barkley – 1991 – Assault

After a game in Milwaukee, Barkley punched a man in the face and famously threw a guy through a plate glass window.

Andre the Giant – 1989 – Assault

Andre the Giant is the only representative of the professional wrestling community on this list because, well, it’s Andre the Giant. Andre was arrested in Iowa in 1989.

Deion Sanders – 1996 – Trespassing

Is it possible to have as much fun getting a mugshot as Deion Sanders had when he was arrested for trespassing in 1996? Sanders ignored ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘No Fishing’ signs on a Florida lake. Does Leon Sandcastle have a mugshot? Probably.

Todd Helton – 2013 – DUI

Todd Helton submitted this classic mugshot a few short weeks ago when he was arrested for DUI. Helton was drinking wine from a red Solo cup and buying lottery tickets.

John Daly – 2008 – Passed Out Drunk at Hooters

Daly was arrested at Hooters back in October 2008. If you’re going to get arrested, doing it at Hooters after a bus full of people left you there is the way to go.

Marcus Jordan – 2012 – Disorderly Conduct

Marcus Jordan, a guard for Central Florida and the son of Michael, was arrested last summer after getting into a drunken argument with two women at the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials. He makes the list because of the nerd look. Also, his father.

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf makes the list for lifetime achievement – mostly for drugs and burglary. The former top pick in the draft has been arrested multiple times and was recently kicked out of a drug treatment center and put in prison.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Money Mayweather also gets points for repeat offender-y. Domestic violence, robbery, harassment and battery have earned Mayweather two separate 90-day jail sentences. Last summer he served two whole months.

Ray Lewis – 2000 – Murder

Ray Lewis’ mugshot is notable because its a mugshot of an innocent man! How does that happen?!

Josh Hamilton – 2005 – Property Damage

Hamtilon was arrested in May 2005 for property damage following a drunken rampage on his birthday. Hamilton got clean, but had a relapse a year ago.

Joba Chamberlain – 2008 – DUI

Joba took an amazingly dopey mugshot when he was arrested in 2008.

O.J. Simpson – 1994 – Murder

June 1994. One of the most famous and infamous mugshots of all-time. O.J. would take another, less publicized mugshot that actually landed him in jail.

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