Ronda Rousey Might Join Jennifer Lawrence in the Next Hunger Games Movie

Ronda Rousey Might Join Jennifer Lawrence in the Next Hunger Games Movie


Ronda Rousey Might Join Jennifer Lawrence in the Next Hunger Games Movie

Ronda Rousey could be in the next Hunger Games film. At least that is the rumor that Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer floated on his radio show today. This comes in the wake of Ronda Rousey’s UFC debut this Saturday. Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche by first round armbar to retain* her bantamweight championship in the first women’s fight in UFC history.

With the win, Rousey is now 7-0. Gina Carano was 7-0 when she took on Cris Cyborg in what was previously the biggest fight in WMMA history. Carano was drubbed by Cyborg and soon left the sport for acting. With the success of Rousey and the new exposure of the sport under the UFC banner, rumors are also circulating that Carano could return to MMA.

Before you get too excited about Rousey jumping to the world of movies, you have to ask what “next” Hunger Games movie means. Catching Fire, the second film in the series is slated for a November 22nd release. Jennifer Lawrence is currently doing reshoots for the film which means unless Rousey is headed to the set, she won’t be appearing in the next movie. Perhaps the third film?

It certainly seems like a great plan today. This weekend Lawrence and Rousey both saw their careers peak. Rousey – who just turned 26 – won the UFC championship and Lawrence – 23 in August – won her first Oscar. On Saturday Rousey was one of the top searches on Google. On Sunday, Lawrence was one of the top searches. Rousey proved herself as a legitimate Pay Per View draw and Lawrence became America’s sweetheart. They should be doing everything together!

*The UFC presented Rousey with a championship belt when she came over from Strikeforce. This was not standard operating procedure for Strikeforce champions who joined the UFC recently.


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