Dunkuary Championship - Cast Your Vote Here

Dunkuary Championship - Cast Your Vote Here


Dunkuary Championship - Cast Your Vote Here

The ACC Digital Network, brought to you by Ruby Tuesday, has entered the Finals of the Dunkuary bracket.

It has all come down Isma’il Muhammad (Georgia Tech, ’06) vs. Mustapha Farrakhan (UVA, ’10). Click Here to see North Carolina legend JR Reid preview the dunks that made the championship round.

I have been riding Muhammad throughout the tournament (just like he rode NC State’s Engin Atsur during his dunk) and am going to stick with my guns despite my appreciation for a phenomenal first name like Mustapha. On a side note, does anyone find it suspicious that both of these dunks are against N.C. State? Is there a Dunkuary conspiracy? Am I reading into this too much? I think the answer to all of those questions is a resounding ‘yes.’

Cast your vote here regardless of how you pick your favorite, let’s crown a champion and help wrap Dunkuary up.

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