Katherine Webb Took a Team Dive On This Week's Splash

Katherine Webb Took a Team Dive On This Week's Splash


Katherine Webb Took a Team Dive On This Week's Splash

Splash aired its third episode last night as the contestants broke up into teams of two celebrities for a tandam dive. Producers went the No-Brainer Route and paired up Kareem Abdul-Jabar with Louie Anderson because short fat guy and tall skinny guy is a formula that never fails. As for our heroine Katherine Webb, she was paired up with Drake from Darek & Josh. As you can see from the moving pictures,  it was basically the most important dive in the history of the sport.

This week was the first week that I didn’t watch Splash from the bar. Instead, I had some friends over to play cards and we turned Splash on while we were playing. I can’t tell you how delightful an experience it is to introduce new people to Splash. And when I told them that this wasn’t even the first celebrity diving show this season? Two of my friends brains melted and dripped out of their ears onto the carpet. Inside this vacuum that is the World Wide Katherine Webb, its easy to forget just how outrageous this television show is. This exists.

Try explaining this to someone who doesn’t use the Internet. Hell, I have covered Splash on this website since it was first announced that Katherine Webb would make an appearance. And there are still people who will show up in the comments section of this post and say something like, “This is show? On television?” And those people will not be joking. Just think about the fact that someone came up with this idea of celebrity diving. Not only did he or she not immediately lose his or her job right there on the spot, but this person was actually paid for it. It wasn’t even that person’s original idea!

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