Richard Sherman: About Half the NFL Takes Adderall

Richard Sherman: About Half the NFL Takes Adderall


Richard Sherman: About Half the NFL Takes Adderall

Richard Sherman, the trash-talking cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks, last seen ripping Skip Clueless on ESPN, was in Vancouver this week talking to elementary school students when he made a bizarre claim which is sure to get some pickup – the Pro Bowler told the Vancouver Sun that “about half the league” takes Adderall.

“About half the league takes it (Adderall) and the league has to allow it,” Sherman said Tuesday. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player.”

In November, Sherman was suspended four games for violating the league’s doping policy when he was found to have Adderall in his system. Sherman appealed the suspension and won – he was victorious the same way Ryan Braun was – and his presence helped the formidable Seattle defense get the Seahawks to the postseason.

What’s the NFL to do now? Crack down on Adderall? Or decide that maybe it shouldn’t be on the banned substance list?

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