Just Say No to a Point Break Remake

Just Say No to a Point Break Remake


Just Say No to a Point Break Remake

How good of a year for movies was 1991? The top-grossing film of the year, Terminator 2, was a classic. Silence of the Lambs was brilliant and we’ve all watched it at least 20 times. Who can forget Cape Fear! Remakes are usually unwatchable, but when you get De Niro, chances are, it’ll be spectacular.

The 14-year-old me enjoyed City Slickers went it first came out. Boyz n the Hood was an iconic movie. Backdraft, Thema and Louise, Out for Justice (teenage me loved Segal) and perhaps the year’s most underrated movie, The Last Boy Scout, were all tremendous. What a year for movies!

Which brings me to the year’s best film – and this isn’t up for discussion, sorry – Point Break.

Yes, Keanu Reeves is a “marvelously bad” actor, as that You Tube description states (bummer I can’t embed it). Nevertheless, you’ve got surfing, bank robbers, Swayze and Tank Girl’s Lori Petty (you wish it had been Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer, right?). I could probably re-create this fight scene featuring Anthony Kiedis (bummer I can’t embed it).

Anyway, I’m getting long-winded here. Let’s get to the important stuff: Point Break is being remade. Shooting is set to begin later this year. Point Break is being remade without surfing.

Core is taking on sports again with “Point Break,” but the remake may not focus on surfing like the 1991 original.

According to a press release from Alcon, the new film “is set in the world of international extreme sports.” An undercover FBI agent, like Keanu Reeves’ character in Bigelow’s film, will again infiltrate a ring of criminals.

International extreme sports. I’m dimly familiar with extreme sports; I have no clue, nor do I care what “international extreme sports” are. I will 100 percent not being seeing this movie, and I will do my best to avoid it on cable, which is where it will end up a few weeks after hitting theaters.

This remake is going to make Adam Sandler’s “The Longest Yard” look like Casablanca.

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