The Jason McIntyre Show: Evan Silva and Josh Norris of Roto World Talk About the NFL Draft

The Jason McIntyre Show: Evan Silva and Josh Norris of Roto World Talk About the NFL Draft


The Jason McIntyre Show: Evan Silva and Josh Norris of Roto World Talk About the NFL Draft

JoshNorrisHeadshotEvan-Headshot1We’re a little more than 24 hours away from the NFL Draft, and if you read this site regularly, you’re obviously aware it is one of my favorite events of the year. We’ve previewed the hell out of the draft on the site, and today’s podcast concludes a busy run-up to the draft that has included guests like Todd McShay of ESPN, Mike Silver of Yahoo, and Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports. This morning, I spoke with two guys who seem to be at the beating heart of online draft coverage year round – Evan Silva (L) and Josh Norris (R) of Rotoworld. They hammer the draft 12 months out of the year, do a terrific job of curating all the best draft info out there, and this is their Super Bowl week. I say they’re at the nexus of draft coverage because they seem to have a grasp on what McShay, Kiper, Mayock, etc are all saying, and do a great job of sifting through it all for the best nuggets. Also, as you’ll hear, they watch a lot of tape and get very technical about players.

Among the topics we discussed:

* Who they are and where they came from. Want to get into the NFL draft analysis field? You should listen to their stories.
* Is said field too crowded? Everyone seems to be an expert.
* Ranking/discussing the Mayock/Kiper/McShay trio. Both agree Mayock is overextended, Kiper is an info guy, and McShay watches the most tape.
* There is some Seattle Seahawks chatter, mostly about how they’ve drafted great recently, and why. And whether that will extend to the Jets. Yes, I worked in the Jets a few times.
* We went through picks 2-6 and the scenarios that could happen. Consensus: Raiders could do something strange with Al Davis no longer there; nobody knows what Chip Kelly will do.
* We talked about the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft. Neither of them said Mr. Clowney.

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