There Were Two Board Game-Related Assaults & Arrests Last Weekend

There Were Two Board Game-Related Assaults & Arrests Last Weekend


There Were Two Board Game-Related Assaults & Arrests Last Weekend

victor-ramirez-board-game-mugshotBoard games are good, clean old fashioned fun for friends and family. The weekend is the perfect time for friends and family to get together and play board games. Of the millions of people who played board games with friends and family this past weekend, at least two people lost their damn minds.

First, an incident from Indiana via the Valparaiso News:

Officers said a 21-year-old Wanatah man said he was at a nearby home playing Monopoly with friends when the Ramirez’s dog walked on the the game board.

The man said he told Ramirez to remove the dog, which made him angry. According to police Ramirez calmed down, but later went outside to smoke, came back inside, picked up a wine bottle and “clubbed”  the man in the face.

Reasonable enough! Now for a story from West Virginia via The Journal:

michael-barbour-board-game-mugshotBarbour told police that he and his wife were playing a board game and that he accused her of cheating. He said they began to argue, and he alleged that his wife flipped a table and threw a chair at him, records show.

Barbour’s wife told police that they had another couple over and they were playing the board game. She said the other couple left because Barbour kept “flipping out” over the game. She said they had been drinking all evening and alleged that Barbour pushed the whole board game off of a table, stood up and threw a red chair at her. She said the chair hit a wall and struck her, knocking her down, records show.

The author of this story should be fired for not finding out and including the game at the heart of this dispute. Be careful out there folks. There’s another weekend on the way and that means the temptation to play a board game will present itself. You now know how badly that could end.

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