Game of Thrones: "Kissed by Fire" Recap

Game of Thrones: "Kissed by Fire" Recap


Game of Thrones: "Kissed by Fire" Recap

Another outstanding episode of Game of Thrones. While this episode lacked anything as amazing as Dany killing all the slavers and dropping the metaphorical mic, it was still great. We’re at the point of the season where chess pieces are going to be moving before stuff gets real. Also, I see what they did with the title of the episode.

The Hound – Sandor Clegane goes free because he beat a one-eye fire-sword’d reincarnate in a fight to the death. This is the same way Casey Anthony was found innocent.

Arya – Poor Arya. All her friends are getting jobs and she just wants to avenge the death of her father.


Jon Snow and Ygritte  – “You know nothing Jon Snow” has now been taken to another level. Guess what Gingerling? Jon Snow does know something. I love how Ygritte immediately wants to run away with Jon Snow. Aren’t they like 20 feet from camp? Get a hold of yourself woman. Still, look how far they’ve come.


Jaime – The King Slayer has certainly gotten emotional since they removed his hand. Also, the hot tub is another one for Arrested Westeros. All Jaime needed was a box of dinners to boil.

Cersei and Tyrion – Westeros-themed wedding shows should dominate the next year on TLC and WE. Four Weddings: King’s Landing, Bridezillas, My Big Fat Dothraki Wedding… I’m all in. Tywinn Lannister is basically the Million Coin Matchmaker.

Queen of Thorns – Can she have a single conversation without talking about poop? It’s like Kevin Smith writes her scenes. Still, she’s been a great addition. Every episode she basically serves one of the smartest, quickest characters who we’ve known as always being the smartest person in the room.

Robb – Ever since Robb Stark became the badass King in the North and captured the King Slayer things have certainly gone downhill. Mo’ money, mo’ problems I guess. Then, during a geography lesson, he comes up with a foolproof plan.

Stannis – Yikes. Is Dragonstone in Florida? That’s the only thing that could explain Stannis Baratheon’s life. Wife, priestess lover, burn victim daughter, jailed his best friend… He sounds like Florida Man.

Davos – He has one of the few sweet scenes as Stannis’ daughter is going to be his jail friend and teach him to read.


Grey Worm – Cool story bro.

Dany – She’s starting to believe her own hype. Which I’m fine with.

Jorah – Check out Jack Taylor on Netflix.


Magaery – /waves

Sansa – Poor Sansa. Silly, stupid Sansa. Someday Arya is going to show up and slap the shit out of Sansa.

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