So What's Happening at Fox Sports 1? Some Scuttlebutt on the Regis Show and Fox Sports Live

So What's Happening at Fox Sports 1? Some Scuttlebutt on the Regis Show and Fox Sports Live


So What's Happening at Fox Sports 1? Some Scuttlebutt on the Regis Show and Fox Sports Live

2013 Fox Sports Media Group Upfront After PartyWe’re nearly three months away from the launch of Fox Sports 1, the sports channel that will go head-to-head with ESPN. Can you feel the excitement? Here’s my attempt to inform you on what’s going on at the network. For months now, Fox Sports is casting a wide net – and by wide, I mean everyone is in play here, including sports writers – looking for talent.

Here’s a quick glance at the industry scuttlebutt about what’s happening at Fox Sports 1:

Regis Show:

The rumored format, according to multiple people who have tested for the show, is akin to the View – Regis plays the Barbara Walters role (ie, not there all the time, but a big enough name to help out with sponsors), and he’ll be with four others. A Fox Sports PR rep basically told me he couldn’t answer any questions about formats for the show because everything is a work in progress.

Fox is being cagey about details but those who have tested for the show seem to think there will be two former athletes, one comedian, and the last spot could go to anyone from an SI Swimsuit model to a prominent writer for Fox Sports. They’ve auditioned writers from around country – including a Washington Post columnist.

As I reported in April, ESPN had a similar idea for a show, and you can imagine some of the same former athletes who tried out for that one have gotten a look from Fox.

Sources say Fox has tested at least two-dozen people for spots on the show, and decisions should could be made around June 1st.

Fox Sports Live

This will be the show that goes up against the 11 pm Sportscenter. I’m told Charissa Thompson will host – just one host, as opposed to two on Sportscenter – but there will be ancillary names attached to the show nightly. The one name that keeps popping up is Andy Roddick, but Fox refuses to comment on that. [UPDATE: Fox Sports has confirmed the Roddick hire to the SI Website.] I’ve heard the name Gary Payton mentioned, as well. The rumor is that these two guys they just plucked from TSN will host the 1 am Sportscenter.

Jay Glazer is Getting His Own Show

Wrote about this last week. Will there be lots of Terry Bradshaw on it? How about Michael Strahan? Fox suits love Terry Bradshaw the way ESPN suits love Chris Berman.

Jay Mohr is a Popular

A few sources have said Fox is enamored with Jay Mohr, who hosts a Fox Radio show. The rumor is that Mohr’s radio show will be shown on Fox Sports One, and if he stays in his timeslot (12-3 EST), he would go up against the likes of Colin Cowherd and Scott Van Pelt, whose radio shows are also televised.

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