Fernando Tatis is an MS Paint Picasso

Fernando Tatis is an MS Paint Picasso


Fernando Tatis is an MS Paint Picasso


Fernando Tatis has been out of baseball since playing 43 games for the Mets in 2010.

Sometime in the three years between then and now, he’s opened up the Accessories folder on his computer and discovered the existence of MS Paint.

The man who once hit two grand slams in the same inning for the St. Louis Cardinals is now delighting his Twitter followers with his homemade Paint creations.

Tatis has admitted he has no formal artistic training and is only now discovering the magic MS Paint allows you to create.

Oh to still have a dot matrix printer to print that out.

Typical Internet sarcasm aside, those two are way better than anything I’ve ever made in Paint. Respect, Fernando, respect.

Swag Airlines? God bless you sweet prince of the Hot Corner.

[via InsideSTL]

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