The Oakland Athletics Will Host "Zubazpalooza" in August

The Oakland Athletics Will Host "Zubazpalooza" in August


The Oakland Athletics Will Host "Zubazpalooza" in August

The Oakland A’s have a roster filled with a host of players who thankfully enjoy the lighter side of things, so it only feels appropriate that the team has etched “Zubazpalooza day” into the schedule for early August.

So for baseball fans in Oakland that find themselves in dire need of new hangover pants, all they need to do is purchase a “Plaza Reserved” ticket package for August 3 and they’ll be gifted with a pair of vomit-inspired, albeit comfortable Zubaz to throw on for an afternoon game against the Rangers.

The WWE championship replica belt being modeled by humorous reliever Sean Doolittle is sadly not part of the deal, though one can easily be had for a Joe Sixpack-friendly, $449.99.

UPDATE: The Cubs are also in on the Zubaz fun. The question is, who isn’t draping their fans in Zubaz this summer? Probably the Yankees.

[via @Zubaz, MLB]

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