2013 NBA Mock Draft: Victor Oladipo 2nd, Tim Hardaway Jr. 11th

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Victor Oladipo 2nd, Tim Hardaway Jr. 11th


2013 NBA Mock Draft: Victor Oladipo 2nd, Tim Hardaway Jr. 11th

Nerlens Noel is bringing back my hair style from 1990The 2013 NBA Draft is in a month, and here’s my full 1st round mock. (Back in February, I did a lottery mock.) There isn’t much to get excited about here – I’m higher on Oladipo, Hardaway and Larkin than what I’ve seen on TV and gleaned from twitter – and I expect a lot of trading down. We can officially start the clock on the Andrew Wiggins countdown. Before going nuts on the 2014 draft, please read this.

1. Cleveland – Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky. Best case – he sits out 50 games, Cavs suck, are in another stacked lottery and they get LeBron in 2014.
2. Orlando – Victor Oladipo, G, Indiana. Too high? Oh well. Measured favorably against McLemore at the combine and give me defense and toughness over a jump shooter. Arron Afflalo played plenty of SF last year and he & Oladipo would be a superb 1-2 defensive punch.
3. Washington – Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown. A Wall/Beal/Porter trio is very, very nice at both ends. Porter is clutch.
4. Charlotte – Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas. The good news is, he’ll have the green light to shoot whenever.
5. Phoenix Suns – Alex Len, C, Maryland. Learns for a year under the crafty 33-year old Scola, puts up 12-10 in his second year.

CJ McCollum Lehigh6. New Orleans Pelicans – Michael Carter Williams, PG, Syracuse. The polarizing point guard over Trey Burke? Yup. Austin Rivers is clearly a combo guard, and I think MCW is more of a table-setter than Burke because of Trey’s offensive game.
7. Sacramento Kings – Anthony Bennett, PF, UNLV. I pity anyone that has to go to this clueless franchise.
8. Detroit Pistons – Trey Burke, PG, Michigan. Just grabbed Brandon Knight two years ago, but he did dabble at SG (though his better numbers were at PG). A Burke-Monroe-Drummond trio could be a year away from the playoffs.
9. Minnesota Timberwolves – CJ McCollum, SG, Lehigh. – Combo guard who should fit in nicely alongside Ricky Rubio for the potentially-exciting Wolves.
10. Portland Trailblazers – Cody Zeller, F, Indiana. Worst bench in the league gets dramatically better.

shane larkin miami11. Philadelphia 76ers – Tim Hardaway Jr, SG/SF, Michigan. With Nick Young unlikely to return and Jason Richardson passed his prime, Hardaway – who was inconsistent in college – should get a shot to play immediately.
12. Oklahoma City (via Toronto) – Shabazz Muhammad, SG, UCLA. Thunder bench left something to be desired in the postseason, but it could be strong next year with Muhammad, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones. But I think the Thunder trade this pick and slide down.
13. Dallas MavericksMason Plumlee, PF/C, Duke. Anybody is in play because the Mavericks have made it no secret they want Dwight Howard. Could they send Plumlee back to the Lakers in a package for D12?
14. Utah Jazz – Shane Larkin, PG, Miami. Should start immediately.
15. Milwaukee Bucks – Dennis Schroeder, PG, Germany. This says, ‘hey Brandon Jennings, you out? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.’ Schroeder could prep a year overseas, then maybe be the starter in 2014.

New Mexico v Harvard16 Boston Celtics – Tony Snell, SF, New Mexico. He won’t replace Pierce, but he won’t have to because he’ll back up Jeff Green (if they dump Pierce).
17 Atlanta Hawks – Kelly Olynyk, C, Gonzaga. Allows Al Horford to go back to his more nature PF position (when Josh Smith bolts).
18 Atlanta Hawks (from Houston) – Dario Saric, F, Croatia. Can they stash him for a year and get him ready for 2014-2015?
19 Cleveland Cavaliers (from LA Lakers) – DeShaun Thomas, SF, Ohio State. Buckeyes star should be able to provide pop off the bench immediately.
20 Chicago Bulls – Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville. Boozer’s old, Noah needs help, and when the backcourt/wings are healthy, the Bulls will be the #2 seed in the East next year.

21 Utah Jazz (from Golden State) – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Georgia. Not as high on him as others, but then again, I actually watched him play in the SEC. Alec Burks hasn’t done much in two years with the Jazz.
22 Brooklyn Nets – Rudy Gobert, F, France. Athletic big-man is stashed for a year, at which point he shows up to replace Kris Humphries.
23 Indiana Pacers – Allen Crabbe, SG, California
. Will add pop off the bench that the Pacers have been lacking since Barbosa left town.
24 New York KnicksSteven Adams, C, Pittsburgh. Because bad teams do dumb things. But in reality, Adams will probably go much higher and be a huge bust.
25 Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis) – Reggie Bullock, SF, UNC. Lots of trade chatter about the Wolves, who might deal Kevin Love and/or Derrick Williams. Bullock’s a grinder on defense.

26 Los Angeles Clippers – Jeff Withey, C, Kansas. Already have one center who only blocks shots (Jordan), so why not another? Clippers offseason – centering around CP3 – could be very interesting (ie, trade Jordan?).
27 Denver Nuggets – Jamaal Franklin, G/F, San Diego St. Tough to tell what’s going on with Iggy and Brewer, so I went with a small forward, though probably not the one you thought I would.
28 San Antonio Spurs – James Southerland, SF, Syracuse. He’s a better defending version of Matt Bonner, and he’ll light teams up from deep.
29 Oklahoma City Thunder – DJ Stephens, Leaper, Memphis. Is he here just so I could post this GIF? You’re damn right. Stephens probably falls into the 2nd round, but what an athlete.
30 Phoenix Suns (from Miami) – Glen Rice, SG, Georgia Tech. Spent the year in the D-League, and the Suns need offense, so I went with maybe the best offensive G/F left. Unless you think Ricky Ledo is that guy? Brandon Paul?

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