This Tim Duncan Divorce Story is Somewhat Bizarre [UPDATE]

This Tim Duncan Divorce Story is Somewhat Bizarre [UPDATE]


This Tim Duncan Divorce Story is Somewhat Bizarre [UPDATE]

tim duncan amy duncanTim Duncan, one of the last fiercely private sports stars – no twitter or other social media, rarely grants interviews – might be getting divorced from his college sweetheart after 13 years, according to documents obtained by the San Antonio Express News. Here’s the problem – the court papers only contain initials, so the News-Express had to try and decipher whether the initials belong to Duncan and his family.

[UPDATE: The Spurs have confirmed the Duncans are getting divorced.]

A sample:

The style of the case is A.S.D. vs. T.T.D. Tim Duncan’s middle name is Theodore.

Not a huge deal, right? Then, there’s this:

Two children were born to the parties in the petition: A daughter with the initials S.I.D., born June 27, 2005, and a son, W.D.D., born Aug. 3, 2007. The Duncans have a daughter, Sydney, who reportedly was born on that date. Their son, Draven, is believed to have been born in 2007, though an exact birth date couldn’t be determined.

Tim Duncan is so private that the paper couldn’t even verify the date his first child was born on or the year his second child was born. That’s a great job by Tim Duncan.

The Spurs lead the Grizzlies 2-0 in a series nobody is watching. Game 3 – following a senseless 3-day layoff – is Saturday. [Express-News]

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