Use Your Fantasy Baseball Skills To Cash In

Use Your Fantasy Baseball Skills To Cash In


Use Your Fantasy Baseball Skills To Cash In

Sponsored by Draft Kings

How do guys routinely “punch above their weight class”?  There are a few different ways, but mostly they make money.  Lots of it.  Thankfully, there’s a way for any fan to make money if they know their sports—play daily fantasy on DraftKings.  If you could win $20,000 in a 1-day fantasy baseball contest, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Go Red Sox!!!

Regular fantasy sports provide a good opportunity for bragging rights, and if you’re lucky a few hundred dollars in winnings at the very end of the season.  There are, however, plenty of downsides.  You’re screwed if your best player gets injured, you need to remember to set lineups literally hundreds of times, or you go on a summer vacation and don’t have internet access.  Our new partner, DraftKings, came up with a way to avoid all that. offers daily fantasy sports contests with real prize money across all the major sports. It’s perfect for the guy who likes constant action and instant gratification in the form of nightly payouts.  The biggest payout currently available is their $100,000 MLB Punch Out on June 14th, with a crazy $500,000 contest around the corner on July 19th.

It’s easy to play. You simply select a roster of players under a salary cap and earn points based on their performance.  For a limited time, they have a first-time 100% Deposit Bonus for all Big Lead readers.

The dog days of summer make it difficult to stay involved, but DraftKings is guaranteed to spice things up.  Behind every home run and strikeout there’s an opportunity for cold, hard cash. A word of warning: Winning becomes quite addicting.  Just last Friday DraftKings had a new user take home $20,000 in one night (congrats richmurphy55!).

So what are you waiting for? There are a few ways to get started right now.

• Get your feet wet by playing the MLB Daily Dollar for just $1
• Get a piece of the $100,000 MLB Punch Out on June 14th.  This is the big daddy (1st place gets $20k!) and you can qualify now for as little as $5.

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