James Harden Dating a Houston Stripper?

James Harden Dating a Houston Stripper?


James Harden Dating a Houston Stripper?

james harden and big ass stripperJames Harden, the Rockets $80 million star who partied hard in Oklahoma City last summer, seems to be enjoying his 2013 offseason so far in Houston. This photograph of the 23-year old Harden hugging a woman in a white cat suit made the rounds this week, and she’s now being identified as SYN Da Lady Hustler, a stripper. Allegedly, of course.

Friends? Dating? Maybe he just likes to make it rain in her vicinity. This appears to be her twitter account.

Here’s SYN (or should I refer to her as “Da Lady Hustler?”) in a video during a photo shoot on a horse. She has a terrible set of tattoos and robust backside.

Harden’s 23. Of course he likes strip clubs. And partying. I don’t think Daryl Morey has anything to worry about. Harden just needs to make sure he has a firm No Camera, No Video policy, and always call the car service. [Photo via Bossip; Syn’s ID via Black Sports Online]

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