Chris Perez & his Wife Charged After Marijuana Delivered to Their Home [UPDATE]

Chris Perez & his Wife Charged After Marijuana Delivered to Their Home [UPDATE]


Chris Perez & his Wife Charged After Marijuana Delivered to Their Home [UPDATE]

chris-perez-wife_mugshotsChris Perez, a Cleveland Indians pitcher, and his wife Melanie, have formally been charged by police after a package of marijuana was delivered to their Ohio home this week. Initially, there was some confusion about whether or not the package was for Perez – they rent the home – and it took police a few days to formally arrest the couple. Details on the marijuana, from ABC 5 in Ohio:

Police said the evidence examined from a package delivered to the home contained a little more than a third of a pound of marijuana, or 163.9 grams.

Perez and his wife are due in court June 19th. Perez is on the disabled list and hasn’t pitched since getting shelled May 26th against Boston. Perez made $4.5 million last year; his 2013 salary is $7.3 million. [via News Channel 5]

[UPDATE: The Plain-Dealer has more details from the police report:

According to the report, at around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday an undercover officer dressed as a postal carrier delivered the packages, addressed to Brody Baum at the Parklane address. Brody is the name of the Perez dog. Baum is Melanie Perez’s maiden name.

The undercover officer asked Melanie Perez if the packages were meant for that address and was told that they were for the dog, the report said.

The report said officers found “numerous drug paraphernalia and suspected marijuana” already in the home and Perez told them it was his and for his own personal use. They said Perez also opened a drawer and showed them a metal marijuana grinder.

Police interviewed Melanie Perez who said she did not know the contents of the packages and she hadn’t ordered ordered anything for her dog recently. She suggested a fan may have sent the parcels without the couple’s knowledge.

When asked if the packages were intended for her husband, she said: “What did Chris say?”

Melanie Perez said she does not smoke marijuana but confirmed that her husband had drug paraphernalia in the house.

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