David Terrell Would Have "Cut Off Both My Balls" to Play With Jay Cutler

David Terrell Would Have "Cut Off Both My Balls" to Play With Jay Cutler


David Terrell Would Have "Cut Off Both My Balls" to Play With Jay Cutler

David Terrell is slightly delusional, still

David Terrell was not happy with his placement on a list of Bears busts on a Chicago-centered website named redeyechicago.com. So he sent an e-mail then called the writer to discuss his placement, leading to pure gold. (Which leaves me disappointed that none of you forwarded my list of NFC draft busts to him).

Let’s start with the most outrageous quote from Terrell. Terrell refers to Jay Cutler as a top 10 quarterback in the league, then pines for the type of chemistry that Cutler has with Brandon Marshall. That type of chemistry is something Terrell only had playing at Michigan with Tom Brady “and with that quarterback Drew Henson or Hanson, or whatever.” (yes, he really said this, chemistry creates long-lasting bonds).

Then, when asked what he would do to have played with Cutler, Terrell responded: “I would have cut off both my balls. I’d give those up, no problem. You could have neutered me. I woulda been neutered with a smile. Shit, man, for real.”

The remainder of the interview is a gem as well. Terrell talks about how he thought about going back into the supplemental draft (pretty sure that’s not an actual thing once you have been drafted, unless you are Bernie Kosar) after Jerry Angelo became GM.

He believes he was a “big, big piece” of the Bears going 13-3 in his rookie year. Apparently, he believes his name was “Marty Booker” for a year. While it is not likely not to be confirmed by an advanced look at the numbers, David Terrell estimates that he won 4 or 5 games for the Bears. He did have more than three catches in one game that year, a game the Bears won with a shutout. The next year, he kicked it off with “what, four touchdowns in three games?” It was actually three touchdowns in four games (to go along with six total catches for 50 yards).

In 2004, he and Rex Grossman were going to do great things, until Rex broke his foot in the third game. According to Terrell, he led the league in “like every category basically until Rex broke his foot.” Here are the receiving yard leaders through the first three weeks of 2004, a time when Terrell had a 0 catch for 0 yards game with Grossman.

Let’s just close with another excerpt from Terrell, in his own delusional words:

Chicago was (bleep) losers before I came here. But in my first interview with them I was like we gonna win. We’re going to change this whole losing persona here in Chicago. We’re gonna start being a franchise that people respected, and that’s what we went out and did. I didn’t say I did it all myself. I guarantee games that we won, that we did win, we needed Dave Terrell. I had a different swagger. I’m always going to carry that, you know what I mean. That’s never going to be lost. That’s why I hit you with the email. I don’t mind people saying whatever they want to say man, but people need to be factual when they talk about me.

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