Aaron Hernandez: Neighbors Heard Gun Shots on Monday

Aaron Hernandez: Neighbors Heard Gun Shots on Monday


Aaron Hernandez: Neighbors Heard Gun Shots on Monday

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Aaron Hernandez’ neighbors heard gunshots early Monday morning, according to FOX 25 via A.J. PerezInvestigators also allegedly have video surveillance of Hernandez returning home shortly after the gunshots were heard.

This, of course, raises the question about why this detail is just emerging now. You would think that neighbors hearing a gun shot would be something that would have been reported immediately (and maybe the police knew and this is just emerging). One also has to wonder, in light of every piece of detail that is emerging, why no arrest has been made at this point. Are these leaks designed to put pressure on Hernandez, to roll on one of the other men mentioned as being present? (Or get one of the others to do the same?)

Here is a summary of some of the alleged details that have emerged since the story first broke, usually through leaks attributed to investigators:

  • Hernandez was tied to a rental car that was involved in the murder, and has since been linked as a driver of a vehicle at a crime scene;
  • Hernandez was an associate of the victim, Odin Lloyd, and it has since emerged that the victim dated the sister of Hernandez’ girlfriend;
  • Hernandez, Lloyd, and two other men were at a bar the night of the homicide, and reportedly together in a vehicle driven by Hernandez;
  • Someone destroyed surveillance system at Hernandez’ home, which would have included video cameras, and his cell phone was in pieces when it was given to police;
  • Hernandez had a cleaning crew clean the house on Monday, after the shooting would have occurred.

Hernandez would be in trouble for, at the least, obstruction of justice for destroying evidence in a murder investigation, if all those leaks are true. All the leaks would point toward Hernandez being on the hook for something, anywhere from murder to knowing what happened and taking active steps to cover the crime. As of right now, despite a leak from this morning claiming an arrest was imminent, none have been made.

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