Heat. Spurs. LeBron. Duncan. Wade. Parker. Game 7.

Heat. Spurs. LeBron. Duncan. Wade. Parker. Game 7.


Heat. Spurs. LeBron. Duncan. Wade. Parker. Game 7.

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6The NBA season ends tonight with the first Game 7 in the Finals since 2010. If you recall that hot mess between the Lakers and Celtics, Boston led most of the way, but the Lakers pulled it out in the 4th quarter. Kobe was 6-of-24 shooting, and Ray Allen was 3-of-14.

Given the incredible Game 6 Tuesday, will we see two gassed teams struggle to score tonight? Tim Duncan, 37, played 44 minutes, and despite an amazing first half, did nothing in the second half and overtime. Manu Ginobili had eight turnovers in 34 ugly minutes.

LeBron, who had a triple double, shut down Danny Green and then Tony Parker, and then could barely get up from the podium after the game. Logging 49 minutes and carrying the team on your back for much of the 4th quarter (14 points) will do that to your legs.

I’ll go with Heat 88, Spurs 84, and LeBron, obviously, is the MVP.

My guess on the overnight rating (if the game is a blowout, this prediction is null and void): 20.6, but I believe when the final numbers come out, it’ll log an 18.4. Game 6 had an overnight of 14.7 (final number: 12.3, or higher than anything the Heat/Thunder did last year).

The line, if you care, opened at Heat -6, and is now down to -5.5.

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