Introducing the $500,000 1-Day Baseball Contest

Introducing the $500,000 1-Day Baseball Contest


Introducing the $500,000 1-Day Baseball Contest

DraftKings gave out two shots at their $100,000 contest to Big Lead readers last month, and now they are upping the ante with the launch of the first $500,000 contest in daily fantasy history. Draft Kings Big $500k Game

The $500,000 contest goes off on July 19th, meaning the first-place finisher will wake up July 20th $125,000 richer.  Mind-boggling for fantasy sports.

Drafting a team is simple and easy on DraftKings.  You pick the best team you can draft under the allotted salary cap, all from the players who are playing that night.  Simply click submit team, and you’re in.  The contests all last just 1-Day, and the payouts are instant.

Knowing the results of this game can give you a real chance at $500,000 makes watching baseball a truly exciting experience!

Check it out now.

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