The Jason McIntyre Show: Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle

The Jason McIntyre Show: Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle


The Jason McIntyre Show: Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle

Johnny Manziel Black UniformOther than Aaron Hernandez, the two biggest sports stories this summer have centered around Houston: Dwight Howard signing with the Rockets, and Johnny Manziel’s off-the-field exploits for Texas A&M. (College Station is 90 minutes from Houston.) So I spoke to Houston Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon about what the chatter is like in Texas right now on these topics. (He also hosts an ESPN radio show in Houston.) Is it odd that the Dallas Cowboys are maybe the 4th or 5th biggest story in Texas right now? One could argue – as we do on the podcast – that the Texans as a Super Bowl contender and Mack Brown’s job being on the line in Austin are bigger than the Cowboys right now.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the Podcast:

Houston Rockets Introduce Dwight Howard* Solomon’s rocky relationship with Daryl Morey, the Rockets GM
* Did you know the Rockets have only won one playoff series since 1999?
* Solomon has been a Texas resident almost his entire life. He left for the Boston Globe for a few years.
* “I love Bill Belichick. We got along.” Who says that?
* Loved this quote about the Houston Texans cozying up to the media: “They’ll let you in the huddle if you ask nicely enough.”
* We spent some time on Johnny Manziel and both of us agreed – the media’s being far too harsh on him.
* Solomon covered Manziel in high school, and said he partied hard then, too. He’s the same kid he was then that he is now.
* We joke about Mack Brown. Solomon doesn’t think he’ll return after this season. I toss out Nick Saban as a replacement idea.
* “Kevin Sumlin is definitely leaving for the NFL after this season or next season.”

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