Ronaldo (the Other One) Wants to Buy Playboy Magazine in Brazil

Ronaldo (the Other One) Wants to Buy Playboy Magazine in Brazil


Ronaldo (the Other One) Wants to Buy Playboy Magazine in Brazil


Ronaldo retired from professional soccer in 2011. Although his weight made him a bit of a punchline, from around 1996-2002, he was the best soccer player on the planet and finished his career with a record 15 goals in World Cup play.

There are reports Ronaldo wants to add a new line to his business card: publisher (and pornographer). UK newspaper the Daily Mail published a report Monday that Ronaldo wants to buy the publishing rights to Playboy magazine in his native Brazil where it sells roughly 250,000 copies per month. That’s good enough for the third-most Playboys sold in any country montly. Like most of the publishing industry, venerable old Playboy hasn’t been immune to the digital revolution as the Mail reports its sales in Brazil have plummeted from over a million copies sold per month in the 1990s.

Ronaldo thinks he’s the man to turn it around:

Friends of the footballer said Ronaldo – nicknamed The Phenomenon in his native country – believes his ‘midas touch’ will help rejuvenate the magazine.

The Mail outlines Ronaldo has been a savvy investor and is almost a billionaire thanks to his salary, endorsement and portfolio which includes gyms, a night club and other real estate holdings. It’s clear Ronaldo eye has improved since that night in 2008 when he was caught in a hotel room with a transvestite prostitutes. He was once engaged to the lovely Daniela Cicarelli, so bear that in mind too.

Joking aside, it’s hard to think investing in print media seems too wise. Bear in mind that’s coming from a dirty blogger who hasn’t shaved since Flag Day. [Photo via Getty]

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