Alex Rodriguez 'All But Assured' of Suspension, Likely More Than 50 Games -- Report

Alex Rodriguez 'All But Assured' of Suspension, Likely More Than 50 Games -- Report


Alex Rodriguez 'All But Assured' of Suspension, Likely More Than 50 Games -- Report

It appears we’re inching excruciatingly closer to the end game in the Alex Rodriguez/Biogenesis saga. As rumors continue to swirl about what will happen with the hobbled Yankees slugger, more-and-more it looks like he might have played his final games for the Yankees.

Monday afternoon CBS’s Jon Heyman filed a lengthy report stating:

(Rodriguez) is all but assured of a Biogenesis-related MLB ban being levied against him — quite possibly more than the usual 50 games for first-time offenders — people familiar with the case say.

Heyman also reports that Rodriguez declined to answer questions from MLB’s investigators. Up to 15 players are facing suspensions due to their link to Biogenesis and those suspensions could come within the next couple weeks.

Where it all goes from there remains murky. Last week MLBPA chief Michael Weiner told the Daily News that they might not necessarily file appeals on behalf of the players. There’s also talk that when and if these suspensions and appeals are filed, they might not be served until the 2014 season. It’s all a lot of speculation and conjecture at the moment.

Rodriguez said last week he would return to the Yankees lineup tonight in Texas, but hurt his quad over the weekend on a rehab assisgment. There are all sorts of rumors floating around in the New York tabloids that Rodriguez is trying to be ruled physically unable to play before the suspensions from MLB are handed down so he can collect the nearly $100 million the Yankees still owe him through 2017.

Here’s John Harper in the Daily News:

Essentially that means beating MLB to the punch by proving that he can’t play any longer — that after his second hip surgery last winter, his body can’t withstand the rigors of playing baseball on a daily basis.

If he can make that case before a suspension becomes official, Daily News’ sources say that insurance policies, either that of the Yankees’ or A-Rod’s personal policy, would allow him to keep all or most of the money he would otherwise lose.

We’ve been hearing these Biogenesis rumors for weeks now. Although there’s nothing declarative or official, it certainly doesn’t look good for Rodriguez. He probably longs for the days when he was drawing bad headlines for sunning himself in Central Park or getting fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. [Photo via Getty]

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