PJ Hairston Cleared of All Charges Relating to June 5 Arrest

PJ Hairston Cleared of All Charges Relating to June 5 Arrest


PJ Hairston Cleared of All Charges Relating to June 5 Arrest

North Carolina v KansasPJ Hairston, North Carolina’s leading scorer last season, was probably embroiled in the ugliest story in college basketball this offseason … until today! Quietly on Friday, Hairston was cleared of all charges related to his June 5 arrest. Inside Carolina broke the story this morning:

Hairston was arrested last month during a license checkpoint while driving a rented 2013 GMC Yukon. The UNC junior guard and his passengers, Miykael Faulcon and Carlos Sanford, were all charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Hairston was also charged with driving without a license.

Those charges were dismissed on July 19. According to court records, Hairston obtained and completed a drug assessment and the state decided not to proceed based on those actions.

I love how these things happen quietly. Drugs, weapon, PANIC! Sounds like a situation that could spiral into something really messy for College Basketball Royalty. But no.

Marshall Henderson, you’re back in the spotlight!

Actually, Hairston has one more hurdle to clear – in a story we broke last month, the NCAA is investigating Hairston’s relationship with an agent. But hey, this is UNC we’re talking about. If the Tar Heels can survive an academic scandal, and the basketball team’s best player can skate on an arrest, I’m sure this agent morass will vanish quickly, too.

The guess? UNC suspends Hairston for three games for “conduct unbecoming of a UNC player” and he sits out the first three games against Holy Cross, Belmont and Richmond.

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