PGA Championship Preview: Tiger Woods Should Look at Oak Hill as His Major Slumpbuster

PGA Championship Preview: Tiger Woods Should Look at Oak Hill as His Major Slumpbuster


PGA Championship Preview: Tiger Woods Should Look at Oak Hill as His Major Slumpbuster

PGA Championship - Preview Day 3

The PGA Championship teed off this morning at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. (Here’s the leaderboard – Robert Garrigus is your early leader at -3. Tiger Woods is currently even.) Since it is a Major, our resident golf nut and longtime commenter Spencer096 is here to talk about the Cops, Sergio’s chances and just how beautiful golf is in general. 

CRM: Good morning!

spencer096: What’s happenin’? Sit down, Cops is on.

CRM: What about the PGA Championship preview?

spencer096: Shh…

CRM: But we need to –

spencer096: I said SHH!

CRM: Fine.

/forty five minutes later

spencer096: Did you know the PGA was this weekend?

CRM: I had no idea.

spencer096: I know, right? It’s like a ninja…sneaks up on ya, boom, next thing you know there’s a regular ol’ PGA Tournament getting treated like it’s something special.

CRM: You’re not going to be a jerk this whole time, are you?

spencer096: Hmm…I might be.

CRM: Well stop. It’s a major, ok? You’re going to have…

spencer096: …what? I’m going to have to what? You gonna send your bulldog Allen Wronowski to the Cleve to get in my face?

CRM: Who?

spencer096: Allen Wronowski. Honorary President of the PGA.

CRM: What would he do exactly?

spencer096: Oh, you have no idea. Big Al can throw DOWN, son. I once saw him kick John Daly UP a flight of stairs after he got a lil’ too rowdy at the PGA champions dinner.

CRM: What were you doing there?

spencer096: Don’t you worry about that. Just know that Allen Wronowski is not to be messed with.

CRM: Sure… Anyway, where’s this shindig goin’ down?

spencer096: Oak Hill in Rochester, NY. Wanna hear something crazy? Curtis Strage tied the course record when the US Open was held here in 1989.

CRM: That is, indeed, crazy.

spencer096: Can we talk Tiger?

CRM: I thought you’d never ask…

spencer096: I think he’s got a real shot.

CRM: /facepalm

spencer096: What can we really say at this point other than that? Clearly, crystal-fuggin-clearly, Tiger Woods is the best golfer on the planet, and yes I see how shaky he still is off the tee. Yea, Phil Mickelson won the British Open in spectacular fashion, but Tiger’s so good, he just won a huge tournament with 48 of the world’s top 50 players in the field by SEVEN strokes, and nobody bats an eye.

CRM: But how many times can we go through this same song and dance? He looks incredible when it doesn’t matter and fades in majors, and while I’m not saying he’s choking, clearly something’s up.

spencer096: Yea, he’s pressing. Hah, good thing he’s at the slumpbuster of majors.

CRM: The slumpbuster, eh?

spence096: Yea, that’s clever of me, isn’t it? Forget “Glory’s Last Shot”…the PGA’s “the Slumpbuster.”

CRM: I’m so proud.

spencer096: Dude, if this becomes a thing and you Zuckerberg me, I’m totally garotting you.

CRM: What? Everyone reading this! YOU’RE ALL WITNESSES.

PGA Championship - Preview Day 3


CRM: Calm down. I won’t steal this. Probably. Anybody else you want to talk about?

spencer096: Sure, why not.

CRM: Adam Scott?

spencer096: Good a pick as any.

CRM: Justin Rose?

spencer096: He’s good enough to win anywhere, sure.

CRM: Brandt Snedeker?

spencer096: Definitely could see it happening.

CRM: Is there anyone who doesn’t have a chance this weekend?

spencer096: Rory McIlroy. He’s just such a litt-

CRM: Thanks again! PGA Championship everybody! Any last words?

spencer096: Sergio’s totally winning this thing.

CRM: Why do I even bother?

spencer096: Dude, shh. Cops is back.

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