A-Rod Hires Private Detective Firm

A-Rod Hires Private Detective Firm


A-Rod Hires Private Detective Firm

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox

The latest twist in the on-going Alex Rodriguez drama? New York magazine reports the Yankees’ third baseman has hired the same private-investigation firm that Dominique Strauss-Kahn used to help beat a rape charge in 2011.

His team of lawyers and investigators at Guidepost are most certainly trying to interview witnesses and uncover any information about MLB’s investigation that could help him stay in the Yankees’ lineup and collect his astronomical salary. Along with using performance-enhancing drugs, league officials have suggested A-Rod might have tampered with evidence and tried to interfere with their investigation into Biogenesis, a south Florida clinic accused of peddling steroids to players. The league suspended twelve other players in addition to A-Rod.

Rodriguez is facing a 211-games suspension from baseball for his involvement with Biogenesis. He’s appealed and will make his home debut tonight in the Bronx vs. the Tigers. (Will New Yorkers boo him?!?)

He stands to lose somewhere in the neighboorhood of $31 million if the 211-game ban is upheld, so it clearly behooves Rodriguez to spend some of his already vast personal fortune to try to get the suspension reduced. Still, this is only a move A-Rod would do.

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