Jack Clark Says Albert Pujols Was Using Steroids, and Shawn Green was "cheating on steroids," Too

Jack Clark Says Albert Pujols Was Using Steroids, and Shawn Green was "cheating on steroids," Too


Jack Clark Says Albert Pujols Was Using Steroids, and Shawn Green was "cheating on steroids," Too


Jack Clark, a 1980s baseball mainstay, recently began working on a radio talk show in St. Louis. Clark apparently hasn’t wasted any time stirring the pot by making accusations that former Cardinals and current Angels first baseman Albert Pujols took steroids.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch details some of what Clark has said on the WGNU airwaves with co-host Kevin Slaten, including multiple allegations about Pujols’ PED use.

Clark has brought Pujols’ situation up at least twice already on the air. The first time, after Slaten said last Friday that he long has believed that Pujols “has been a juicer,” Clark jumped in before Slaten finished his thought and said, “I know for a fact he was. The trainer that worked with him, threw him batting practice from Kansas City, that worked him out every day, basically told me that’s what he did.”

Clark’s allegations stem from conversations he had with personal trainer Chris Mihlfeld, who was Pujols’ coach at junior college. Mihlfeld was linked to Jason Grimsley, who was linked to PED use in 2006 and served a 50-game suspension. (The Mihlfeld/Grimsley link proved to be false.) Pujols denied any steroid use in 2006 via his association with Mihlfeld. Clark and Mihlfeld’s paths crossed in the Dodgers organization in the early 2000s.

It didn’t stop Clark from saying he knows Pujols, who signed a 10-year, $240 million deal with the Angels in 2011, did steroids even if the information came second-hand:

“The fact is (Mihlfeld) told me,” Clark said. “I never saw him’’ inject Pujols.

In the Post-Dispatch story Clark, who hit 340 career home runs, also casts accusations on former outfielder Shawn Green for using PEDs.

“These guys that fake you out it’s very disappointing, especially when they are breaking records. Here I am in LA as the hitting coach and Shawn Green is breaking Duke Snider’s record (for home runs in a season while) cheating on steroids. It’s just disappointing to me.

“That’s one reason why I don’t want to coach, I can’t stand it,” he added. “I can’t stand to coach the guys that are cheating and faking, (are) phonies and frauds, for a game that I love when guys played it the right way and guys like (former Braves standout) Dale Murphy can’t get into the Hall of Fame, a quality guy and a great player and an MVP.

“He has to take a back seat to these creeps and lowlifes like (Mark) McGwire. It just makes me sick and I just can’t be a part of that anymore.”

Clark does come off sounding like a bitter old man, but before his allegations are summarily dismissed, remember – people laughed at Jose Canseco for his book “Juiced.” Years later, Canseco’s PED claims proved to be mostly accurate.

As usual, steroids are the tick Major League Baseball can’t shake off its leg.

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