Jack Clark Loses Radio Gig After 7 Shows; Albert Pujols Announces Plans to Sue

Jack Clark Loses Radio Gig After 7 Shows; Albert Pujols Announces Plans to Sue


Jack Clark Loses Radio Gig After 7 Shows; Albert Pujols Announces Plans to Sue


Albert Pujols intends to sue Jack Clark after the former St. Louis Cardinals mainstay accused Pujols of taking performance-enhancing drugs on a St. Louis radio show. The Los Angeles Angels first baseman released a statement through his agency last night vowing to fight.

“I know people are tired of athletes saying they are innocent, asking for the public to believe in them, only to have their sins exposed later down the road. But I am not one of those athletes, and I will not stand to have my name and my family’s name, dragged through the mud.

“I am currently in the process of taking legal action against Jack Clark and his employers at WGNU 920AM. I am going to send a message that you cannot act in a reckless manner, like they have, and get away with it. If I have to be the athlete to carry the torch and pave the way for other innocent players to see that you can do something about it, I am proud to be that person. I have five young children and I take being a role model very seriously. The last thing I want is for the fans, and especially the kids out there, to question my reputation and character.”

Early this morning, the station cut ties with Clark and his co-host, Kevin Slaten.

WGNU sells its weekday airtime to insideSTL Enterprises, which has a variety of employment deals with the hosts. A source said the arrangement with Clark and Slaten did not have them working directly for that company. So technically they couldn’t be fired, simply not allowed to return.

Early Saturday, insideSTL announced it “has terminated its relationship with Jack Clark and Slaten. As independent contractors, we want to make it clear that the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of insideSTL. Also as independent contractors, insideSTL did not have editorial control over the show’s content.’’

We’ll have to see if Justin Verlander, who was also accused of PED use by Clark, will join Pujols in pursuing legal action. Verlander called the accusations “moronic” and suggested Clark hasn’t been watching him pitch.

It takes a strong soap to wash off the stink of steroids. One day, baseball will find it. Today is not that day.

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