Alex Rodriguez Paid for Anthony Bosch's Attorney? Whoops!

Alex Rodriguez Paid for Anthony Bosch's Attorney? Whoops!


Alex Rodriguez Paid for Anthony Bosch's Attorney? Whoops!

Did MLB really whiff along with the Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez fatigue is definitely a thing, and I’ve got it. Surely others see an A-Rod headline every hour and just say, ‘wake me when it’s over,’ right? Problem is, his situation is an enormous deal, and when we look back on it in 10-20 years, it’ll be a landmark moment in the sport’s history. Remember, it wasn’t but a few years ago that A-Rod was on pace to become the leading home run hitter in the history of the sport. The downfall has been swift and ugly. At any rate, here’s the latest in the A-Rod saga, courtesy of ESPN’s Outside the Lines:

Alex Rodriguez paid for Tony Bosch’s attorney and later made a wire transfer for nearly $50,000 that Bosch’s attorney refused to accept, Bosch’s attorneys told “Outside the Lines” on Sunday.

The second transfer, described by one of Rodriguez’s former attorneys as a mistake, is part of Major League Baseball’s evidence that the New York Yankees’ third baseman attempted to tamper with the league’s Biogenesis investigation, several sources said.

Wait, why was A-Rod paying …

Several sources familiar with the case said, investigators have said they believe Rodriguez paid for Bosch’s attorney and sent the second payment in order to prevent him from providing evidence or testimony against Rodriguez.

Duh. As A-Rod said over the weekend, it’s going to continue to get ugly. The subplot I’m rooting for? A-Rod to get hot, of course, go on a memorable tear, and the Yankees to reach the postseason. [via Outside the Lines]

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