Roundup: Ben Affleck is the New Batman; David Copperfield's Island of Illusions; Don't Drive Forklifts in Germany

Roundup: Ben Affleck is the New Batman; David Copperfield's Island of Illusions; Don't Drive Forklifts in Germany


Roundup: Ben Affleck is the New Batman; David Copperfield's Island of Illusions; Don't Drive Forklifts in Germany

Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy? Party at Mr. C Beverly HillsAlexa Vega, of “Machete Kills”. … Ben Affleck is Hollywood’s new Batman. My only question is this, duh. … Yahoo! beat Google in traffic for first time since 2011.  … Florida couple pistol whips Dunkin Donuts employee for botched order. … Bucs camp shut down for possible MRSA outbreak. … We all hate slideshows, but this gallery of Corey Feldman’s birthday party. Bravo. A pat on the back for all parties involved.  … Intruder found living in Jennifer Lopez’s house in the Hamptons for a week. (It wasn’t Nick Nolte.) … University of Denver’s Daniel Boone-type mascot deemed offensive. That little scamp? … Brian Leetch joins NHL Department of Player Safety. … Tumblr of the Week: Anna Kendrick Lamar (sure, why not? They’re both so hot right now.) … Sometimes your day starts out like this. It happens. … If Orlando helps pay for an MLS stadium, should fans get some of the revenue?… Bradley Manning wants to live the rest of his life as a woman. … Cal Ripken Jr. thinking about managing? Is Ted Lerner listening? … Deltron 3030 will tour this fall. … Soccer player in Belgium demands apology after being called ‘fat pig’ by commentator on air. … DMX arrested again. Tough break, my dog. … Eagle released inside Oral Roberts chapel goes horribly wrong. … Happy Birthday Julio Franco (55), Shifty Shellshock (39) and Kobe Bryant (35).  … It’s almost the weekend. Time to sit, back relax and chill, football will be here soon enough.

Magician David Copperfield has his own private island that is both totally normal and weird. [Vice]

Packers remain tight-lipped on injury of former first-round pick Derek Sherrod. [Journal-Sentinel]

The Legend of Jadeveon Clowney. [NYT]

In-depth Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld about landscape of late-night television. [Hollywood Reporter]

Bill Cowher in a metal video. [Deadspin]

“Egregious misconduct” lawsuit filed against NCAA in death of football player. [Washington Times]

Long piece on journalist Michael Hastings’ final days. [LA Weekly]

Jason Bay makes more than the entire Astros roster combined. [Forbes]

Dante Hall is now a high school football coach in Long Beach. [Press Telegram]

Mat Latos’ slider is very nasty. [WSJ]

NBA players mentioned in rap songs, in chart form. []

Five best soccer commercials. [Top Drawer Soccer]

Looking back at ESPN’s failed Playmakers 10 years later. (Full disclosure, I own “Tilt” or as I like to call it, “The Tilt” on DVD). [Sporting News]

Will Leitch ranks the 30 MLB uniforms. [Sports on Earth]

Quick refresher course on NFL player movement. [700 Level]

Note to self: never operate a forklift in Germany. This video is wunderbar! (If you don’t want to waste nine whole minutes of your life on this clip, start at the 5:00 mark and thank me later. … I accept checks made out to “STRAIGHT CASH.”)

Evolution of NHL logos. Dope beat in the background, too.


Bonus hockey! Vladimir Tkachyov performing a dizzying spin move in practice in Russia.

This Georgia Tech student is DEFINITELY a Ric Flair fan. (He loses points for not finishing with a Woooooooo.)

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Wale raps about Robert Griffin III in a new doc that will air next week on ESPN.

Girl hit by dumpster during fight. Fairly self-explanatory.

Not sure if I like this song or not, but it’s been stuck in my head for about two weeks. You’ve been warned. Sorry. As the kiddies say in their text messages, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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