"Bill Simmons Bingo"

"Bill Simmons Bingo"


"Bill Simmons Bingo"


Bill Simmons Bingo. So obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Unfortunately, this sounds more like it was created by someone who has heard about Bill Simmons than someone who actually reads/listens to Bill Simmons. I’ll start with the center square which messes up the patented end to all of his mailbags. It’s “Yup, these are my readers” not “fans.” That’s on the Mount Rushmore of Bingo oversights. As is leaving “Mount Rushmore of” off this sheet.

I have no idea where Office Space comes from.  How about Teen Wolf? 90210? Any Tom Cruise movie from the 1980’s. There are about 100 pop culture references I would have come up with before Office Space. I can’t  remember him ever mentioning Office Space. Mad Men is a weaker entry too. No mention of Simmons mentioning “Celebrities” or “Jimmy Kimmel.” Why do I know all this? Excuse me while I light myself on fire.

[Reddit via @1000steps]

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