Roundup: Adult Fun at Home Depot; Elephant vs. Jeep; Kobe's Epic Pool Dive

Roundup: Adult Fun at Home Depot; Elephant vs. Jeep; Kobe's Epic Pool Dive


Roundup: Adult Fun at Home Depot; Elephant vs. Jeep; Kobe's Epic Pool Dive

US-ENTERTAINMENT-RIDDICK PREMIERETricia Helfer, at the premiere of “Riddick”… Andre Brown broke his leg in the Giants/Patriots preseason game. … Couple arrested for having sex in display shed at a Home Depot. … As many as two-thirds of North Koreans have used methamphetamines… Clint Eastwood and wife of 17 years separate. … Table side guacamole sales increase at a New Mexico restuarant thanks to Breaking Bad.  … The customer is always, wrong? … FBI arrests man who threatened to behead an Hawaii Congresswoman. … Probably my favorite college football moment this century, or any century. … Sad aftermath of high-school bullying. … Somebody made a Super Mario Bros. movie sequel, in comic form. … Astronomy, yo… Thurman Thomas was recruited as a defensive back? … Irish soccer fan buys rights to a World Cup Qualifier so he can watch in Australia. … The 90s Atlanta Braves never looked better. … Eddie Perez would probably agree. … Evolution of every WWWF/WWF/WWE Champion. … Think twice before selling your organs on the black market. … Samuel Eto’o signs with Chelsea. … WEEI in Boston is struggling.  … Legal weed in Colorado, Washington is getting closer to reality. … Taking Nic Cage-inspired pranking to the next level. … Happy Birthday Michael Chiklis, Oderus Urungus, Cameron Diaz and Andy Roddick. … Football is back. It’s a three-day weekend. Live it up.

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about Detroit’s RoboCop statue. [Mother Jones]

Five-year-old cancer patient inspires Red Sox. []

New Jersey court says person sending text  holds some responsibilities for distracted driver. [Circa]

Examining Tracy McGrady’s career. [Complex]

College tennis coach comes out to team. [NYT]

Life and death take their toll on Oregon State coach Mike Riley. [Oregon Live]

Long piece profiling Brad Stevens taking over the Celtics. [Sports Illustrated]

Rise and fall of a New York AAU powerhouse. [BlacktopXchange]

Profile of ‘complicated’ Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos. [SportsBusinessDaily]

Time lapse video of ice being laid at Minnesota’s Xcel Center Center [StarTribune]

Ranking the best Comedy Central roast performances. [Vulture]

Interesting look at baseball in Taiwan in wake of scandal. [SportsOnEarth]

Who are the most successful immigrants in the world? [Freakonomics]

An in-depth interview with Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete. [TVMWW]

Mashable and Daily Motion made a quick doc on New Jersey’s Action Park. (I nearly drowned in the wave pool when I was 13. This place was great.)

Elephant vs. Jeep.

Kobe Bryant on Vine: If I can run, I can jump.

One more GTA V trailer to whet your appetite.

Is 12-year-old John Hilton aka Xuxuh the next American soccer player we should have on our radars?

Here’s one way to influence policy makers on climate change.

R. Kelly sort of covered Phoenix. Yep, it happened.

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