Biogenesis: Mission Accomplished!

Biogenesis: Mission Accomplished!


Biogenesis: Mission Accomplished!

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Take a bow Bud, you did it.

When future generations of baseball fans talk about the Bud Selig years they’ll no doubt immediately point to Biogenesis suspensions in the summer of 2013 as a highwater mark. In one fell swoop Selig’s bushel of 50-game suspensions all but erased any memory of hulked up sluggers, bulging biceps and 73 home run seasons.

You did it.

Jordany Valdespin, Antonio Bastardo and Francisco Cerveilli will be your legacy just as much as Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds. You’ve reduced a former MVP, Ryan Bruan, to calling season tickets holders of the team you once owned begging for their forgiveness.  You’ve cleaned up the game and, dare I say, made fans believe again.

You did it.

The battle against players taking PEDs is over. The war is won. Mission accomplished.

Oh right, this happened Tuesday night in Baltimore:

And again on Wednesday night.

Also on Wednesday this photo was snapped by the Tigers’ official beat writer, Jason Beck.

Here’s an update from earlier this week on the from the official Rangers site run by MLB:

The Rangers are undecided if suspended outfielder Nelson Cruz would be on their roster if they reach the postseason, but it will likely be an easy — if not automatic — decision in his favor when the regular season is over.

So yeah, while Braun — who was injured and already locked into a long term contract — took his season-long suspension and began his apology tour, the three remaining biggest fish in the Biogenesis affair: Alex Rodriguez, Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz all could play in the postseason this October. The wave of outrage is starting to bubble somewhere off the Pacific. One of the usual suspects already filed this gem.

This is all above board, even if baseball isn’t going to like the PR hit it takes (assuming people are still paying attention now that football has returned). A-Rod was well within his rights to appeal his 213-game suspension handed down in August. There’s also no rule that precludes Peralta and Cruz from rejoining the Tigers and Rangers, respectively, after they served their 50-game punishments.

Chin up baseball, at least you got Jordan Norberto and he won’t sniff a postseason roster. You’re doing a heckuva job, Bud.

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