Roundup: Twitter Goes Public; Man Gets Amorous with a Land Rover; Mr. Belding Gets Down

Roundup: Twitter Goes Public; Man Gets Amorous with a Land Rover; Mr. Belding Gets Down


Roundup: Twitter Goes Public; Man Gets Amorous with a Land Rover; Mr. Belding Gets Down

INDIA-ARTS-ENTERTAINMENTPriyanka Chopra, the performer in the ‘Thursday Night Football’ musical intro. Her video with Pitbull posted in July has 13 million views.  … Twitter files for an IPO. … British man nicknamed, yes, “Hotcock” arrested for relations with a Land Rover. … Man vs. Rooster caught on tape! … Fire at Jersey Shore Boardwalk. … Flooding in Colorado. … Yankees gain ground in Wild Card, but lose Brett Gardner. … This fan of One Direction needs serious, serious help regardless if this is true or not. … Deep breath Knicks fans, Carmelo says he doesn’t want to go anywhere. … Cape Verde thrown out of World Cup qualifying. Seems dubious, but that’s FIFA. . … Anyone have a birthday coming up for their significant other and don’t know what to get him or her? Easy solution. …  CFL players charged after bar fight. … Richard Roeper gets top movie critic billing at Sun-Times. … Really bad mix-up for Esquire. … Seinfeld read the TBL comment section? … Animals can be so peaceful and serene. … We need this look to make a comeback in hip hop. … Mount McKinely shrinks? … U.S. up to 13th in FIFA rankings. … An info graphic breaking down Quentin Tarantino’s movies. … Voyager 1 has left the building, err, Solar System. Bon voyage! … Happy Birthday: Travis Knight (39); Fiona Apple (36); Ben Savage (33); Nene (31) and Thomas Müller (24). … Feel free to save this one to your boomarks.

GTA V is going to ruin everyone’s social life. [Vice]

Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they? [HyperVocal]

Russell Westbrook is having a blast at Fashion Week. [NYT]

This Pizzaburger looks incredible. [BroBible]

Owner of Hull City suggests Manchester City rebrand itself as “Manchester Hunter.” [Guardian]

Interesting update on the death of Chris McCandless, from “Into the Wild.” [New Yorker]

Catching up with Keith Jackson. [LA Times]

Don’t mess with Floyd Mayweather’s coffee. via Hot Clicks [Business Insider]

Getting ugly for Bucs and Josh Freeman. [Joe Buc’s Fan]

Behind the scenes of ESPN’s ‘Soccer Revolution.’ [Awful Announcing]

These photos are dope as hell. [Wired]

Oz the Great and Powerful. [MMQB]

Evolution of Baseball Video Games. [YouTube]

Is it too late for another “Blurred Lines” parody? This is gold, thanks @SladeHV. (If you don’t like this, here’s my answer. Also, I watched this about dozen times Thursday. I regret nothing.)

Mike Francesa had a little trouble with a Yankee prospect’s name, via @WFANAudio.

How Americans do ski jumping through the prism of Japanese video games. Fun! Touchdown!

Speaking of Fiona Apple, she recorded this reaction-evoking Willy Wonka cover for Chipotle.

Hulk Hogan reads “Goodnight Moon,” brother.

Awwwww yeah, Texans fans.


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