Bo Pelini Dropped a F-Bomb Fueled Rant After Beating Ohio State in 2011

Bo Pelini Dropped a F-Bomb Fueled Rant After Beating Ohio State in 2011


Bo Pelini Dropped a F-Bomb Fueled Rant After Beating Ohio State in 2011

bo pelini loves to scream

This doesn’t look like it’s going to be the best week for Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini. The Cornhuskers lost to UCLA 41-21 over the weekend and it caused the coach to exchange words with one of the program’s all-time best players, Tommie Frazier.

It gets even worse for Pelini thanks to audio passed along to Deadspin from an anonymous tipster, which will certainly snowball into the story this week in Lincoln since the Cornhuskers (2-1) play FCS South Dakota State on Saturday.  The R-rated audio was recorded in October, 2011 after Nebraska came back to defeat Ohio State 34-27. It doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of Pelini, as he drops numerous f-bombs against the media and fans before conducting his official postgame radio interview.

For instance, here’s what Pelini had to say about Omaha World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel:

“Fuck him, too. Fuck him. That’s what I’m going to tell him. He wants to walk out after my press conference? I’m gonna say, ‘Get the fuck away from me. I’m done with you, motherfucker. I’m done with him.'”

Somewhere in the distance Steve Spurrier nods in agreement, because obviously the media are THE WORST!!!

Pelini then sets his sights on Nebraska fans next for leaving the game early.

“It took everything in my power to not say, ‘Fuck you, fans. Fuck all of you.’ Fuck ’em. … Our crowd. What a bunch of fucking fair-weather fucking—they can all kiss my ass out the fucking door. ‘Cause the day is fucking coming now. We’ll see what they can do when I’m fucking gone. I’m so fucking pissed off.”


In light of all the nastiness following the loss to UCLA on Saturday, that day Pelini referenced might be coming sooner rather than later. Imagine what he would have said if Nebraska lost that game. [Via Deadspin]

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