Jerry Seinfeld is Announcing the Mets Game Tonight

Jerry Seinfeld is Announcing the Mets Game Tonight


Jerry Seinfeld is Announcing the Mets Game Tonight

New York Yankees at New York Mets

Matt Harvey’s ailing elbow was examined by Dr. James Andrews on Monday. The team isn’t planning on announcing the result until Tuesday. In a bit of fortunate timing, the team however did announce Jerry Seinfeld will join the SNY booth during Tuesday night’s Mets/Giants game.

Mets fans might need the laughs should the Harvey news turn sour, as in Tommy John surgery which would cost the young righty the entire 2014 season.

Seinfeld worked an SNY broadcast back in 2010, using the platform to make a bunch of Lady Gaga jokes, which haven’t exactly held up over time.

Fortunately most of the sports-related jokes on “Seinfeld” have held up during syndication. To me, “The Boyfriend” two-part episode featuring “pretty boy” Keith Hernandez’s star turn is sitcom perfection. I’ve always felt, too, Danny Tartabull’s guest-spot working with Costanza on a PBS telethon doesn’t get enough love.

Either way, it’s quite noticeable how the Yankees replaced the Mets as the dominant sports-reference on “Seinfeld” as the 1990s progressed, just as in real life. (Shame we never got a Vince Coleman cameo.)

Still, it’s a smart move by the Mets to bring their biggest celebrity fan into the booth since it’s doubtful too many people would tune into Mets/Giants with the teams a combined 27-games under .500 otherwise, not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that.

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