Toilet Clogged, Sewage Leaks into Oakland A's Dugout (Again)

Toilet Clogged, Sewage Leaks into Oakland A's Dugout (Again)


Toilet Clogged, Sewage Leaks into Oakland A's Dugout (Again)

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics

Here’s the good news for the Oakland Athletics: they appear on track for their second straight American League West crown.

The bad news? Their stadium stinks, literally.

During the seventh inning of Oakland’s 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels a toilet backed up, causing sewage to leak into the dugout. Stadium workers at the Coliseum had to come in to mop the mess away.

Here’s your money quote on the incident from Oakland’s Jed Lowrie:

“There’s no carpet down there (in the dugout), so it’s a little bit better, but it’s still pretty gross,” A’s infielder Jed Lowrie said in comparing the two situations. “It’s kind of repulsive, honestly.”

This is the second time sewage has caused a problem for the Athletics. The previous incident, in June, was much worse since it affected the team clubhouse. Thus far the Athletics co-tenants, the Raiders, have remained unscathed.

Fittingly, this took place on the same night of the Jonathan Villar/Brandon Phillips “Butt Tag,” making it a truly excellent day for bloggers with fourth grade sense of humors to work their magic.

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