Alex Morgan Appears to be a Big Fan of 'Storage Wars'

Alex Morgan Appears to be a Big Fan of 'Storage Wars'


Alex Morgan Appears to be a Big Fan of 'Storage Wars'

Darrell from #StorageWars love that show! Had to point because he was pointing…

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Alex Morgan remains a very modest Instagram user. Sorry guys, but she doesn’t post hourly “selfies,” nor does she post picture of her Starbucks order or dinner plate, so it’s almost a fair trade off.

Thursday night Morgan, who you’d easily argue is the most recognizable current male or female American soccer player, posted this picture to her account with Darrell Sheets, aka “the Gambler” of “Storage Wars” fame.

Something about this struck me. Think of all the famous people Morgan has likely interacted with over the last two years. Yet the celebrity (using the term by its loosest definition possible) she posts a photo with is one of a  basic cable reality star whose claim to fame is coining phrases like “the wow factor” and always wearing a tank top which accentuate his hairy shoulders.

Admittedly my fascination with Morgan’s picture boils down to the fact that watching “Storage Wars” actually intrigued me enough to attend a couple storage locker auctions. Yes this happened. Yes I freely admit it. Yes I have to live with this shame every day of my life.

Anyways, if  we could get this photo signed by both Morgan and Sheets that’s a forty-five dollar bill right there to sell on eBay.

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