Roundup: Crocodiles in the Streets of Acapulco; 3,000 Calorie Cheeseburger Pizza; NBA Live Returns

Roundup: Crocodiles in the Streets of Acapulco; 3,000 Calorie Cheeseburger Pizza; NBA Live Returns


Roundup: Crocodiles in the Streets of Acapulco; 3,000 Calorie Cheeseburger Pizza; NBA Live Returns

The Moet & Chandon Suite At The 2013 US Open - Day 4Katrina Bowden … Dodgers are the first team to clinch a playoff spot. … Iran’s president wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post. … Discovery Channel will air a two-part special on the NFL teams preparing to play in London this season from the makers of “Hard Knocks”. … All you could possibly ever want to know about Trapper Keepers. …  Nippon Professional Baseball’s commish steps down over juiced ball controversy. … Fan’s death at Turner Field ruled a suicide. … Mayweather/Canelo is the highest grossing PPV fight. … UEFA members on board with 2022 winter World Cup. … Arctic sea ice isn’t in recovery. … Tom Coughlin copes with unexpected death of his brother in pure Coughlin fashion. … Shockingly, there is a big income gap in NYC. … Here’s hoping this is the way Breaking Bad comes to its conclusion. (Spoilers?) … British scientist claims to have found alien life in the atmosphere. … Need to get on that Jeff Lynne flow. … Richmond frat bro KILLING IT in Ibiza. … I always enjoy Jeff Pearlman’s writing on journalism, especially in today’s ever-changing climate. … I think he’s talking to you… UConn plays Michigan this weekend, the Huskies remain at a major crossroads. … Detailed breakdown of Rambo’s body count. … Behind the scenes of Alabama’s prep for A&M. … Majority owner of the Mariners (who also had a key role in Nintendo’s rise) passes away at age 85. … “Legless lizard” discovered near LAX. … Pizza Hut launches a 3,000 calorie cheeseburger crust pizza in England. … Happy birthday Guy Lafleur (62), Gary Cole (57), Nuno Bettencourt (47), Henrik Larsson (42) and Dante Hall (35). … Didn’t like this roundup? This is what happened to the last guy who didn’t like it. Fair warning.

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In search of Baseball’s Holy Grail. [Grantland]

35-year-old veteran details why he’s on food stamps. [Sterling Road]

Cricketer fights a case of the yips. [Guardian]

Even more words written about the Bleacher Report’s co-founder. [The Classical]

This is one YOOGE rubber ducky. [HyperVocal]

FIFA remains morally bankrupt. [TopDrawerSoccer]

“Tomato Can Blues” … very impressive/unique presentation for a web story here. [NYT]

A long profile on Idris Elba. [GQ]

Aggies fans rally to help fan with cancer attend Alabama game. [Fox Sports]

Why many American-born NBA draft picks are playing overseas. [Slam]

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Catching up with the Looney Tunes. [TVMWW]

Crocodiles (alligators?) in the streets of Acapulco after Tropical Storm Manuel. This sounds like a nightmare.

Hey, look, the ‘NBA Live’ franchise is back. (Bonus points for the Action Bronson.)

Russian cat is a librarian. Wears a bow tie. (Is there a Putin joke in here somewhere?)

Can’t get this “Private Eyes” mash up out of my head. Sorrrrrry.

Here are your 2013 “Maryland Pride” helmets.

Ja Rule’s episode of “MTV Cribs” is a moment frozen in time. Watch it through to the end, his garden party provides some unexpected gold.

It’s always fun to listen to Mike Francesa go off the anger rails like he did earlier this week when a Mets fan wanted to trade for both Carlos Gonzlaez and Troy Tulowitzki. (Mike earlier in the show floated the idea the Mets should try to trade for Tulo.)

This song by CHVRCHES has been around for a while, but it’s still the best one headphone jams I’ve heard in, maybe, forever. Album is out next week.

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