Air Force-Navy Cancellation Could Cost $4 Million [UPDATE]

Air Force-Navy Cancellation Could Cost $4 Million [UPDATE]


Air Force-Navy Cancellation Could Cost $4 Million [UPDATE]

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The Government Shutdown is an unmitigated disaster in Washington and around the country. The impact is also being felt in college football, where the much-anticipated Navy-Air Force game Saturday – for now – is cancelled. The Naval Academy Athletic Association can’t be happy – especially not with $4 million on the line. From the Capital Gazette:

The potential revenue loss to the Naval Academy Athletic Association would likely exceed $4 million, he said. That money comes from ticket sales, sponsorship, parking and concession revenue. The largest revenue stream is the payout NAAA receives from CBS Sports Television.

An amateur sporting event nets $4 million? Oh.

[UPDATE: No surprise – with $4 million at stake, of course the game will go on.]

The Gazette says if the game is cancelled, the only potential makeup date is December 7th, but Navy plays Army the following weekend, and Navy AD says it wouldn’t be “ideal” to play service academics in back-to-back weeks. Air Force and Navy have played every year since 1972. The last two meetings have gone into overtime. [via Capital Gazette]

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