NLDS: Dodgers at Braves, Game 2

NLDS: Dodgers at Braves, Game 2


NLDS: Dodgers at Braves, Game 2

Kershaw Curveball

The Dodgers come into tonight’s Game 2 in Atlanta with a 1-0 series lead, so they have conceivably already done what they set out to do on the road. And that’s probably a good thing with Braves lefty Mike Minor taking the mound when you consider how much L.A. struggled against lefties all season long. Then again, this is the MLB postseason where things like Mark Lemke happen, so you might as well expect the Dodgers to do the opposite, and do something. If Costanza could do it, so can Yasiel Puig.

Sizzling Analytical Storyline:

Ever hear a baseball fan say “pitching, pitching, pitching”? Well pitching will play a large factor in who wins this series. The Dodgers took Game 1 thanks to a dominating performance from Clayton Kershaw. Should the Dodgers see a similar performance from Zack Greinke in Game 2, they will more than likely win and take a 2-0 series lead. Consider your alert spoiled.

Embrace Debate:

Atlanta is the worst sports town North of Miami, or the Braves are the 3rd “most liked” team in baseball? Perhaps there’s room for both to be true. Discuss.

Things You Will Hear During the Broadcast:

– Don Mattingly played for the Yankees.
– Yasiel Puig is from Cuba.
– Tommy Lasorda loves the Dodgers as much as he loves pasta.
– The empty seats at Turner Field are due to the early start.
– There’s a new show on TBS that you already hate.

Things You Will Not Hear During the Broadcast:

Sadly, Vin Scully, though the living legend will return for the 2014 season. That’s really all that matters.

Player to Watch:

Yasiel Puig, for a slew of reasons that need no explanation whatsoever. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, Acabo de publicar una foto.

Player to Hate-Watch:


Brian McCann, who has become the dreadful hall monitor for home run celebrations. May I recommend a Xanax or two, Piglet?

Kershaw’s Curveball, Again:

Kershaw Curveball

As Dan Le Batard might maniacally scream, give it to me again.


Oh, and the Tigers play in Oakland tonight at 9:37pm. This amazing man will waddle to the mound for the A’s:

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