Roundup: Dusty Baker Fired; Bro Swims with 3,000 Pound Shark; Scarlett Johansson is Falling Down

Roundup: Dusty Baker Fired; Bro Swims with 3,000 Pound Shark; Scarlett Johansson is Falling Down


Roundup: Dusty Baker Fired; Bro Swims with 3,000 Pound Shark; Scarlett Johansson is Falling Down

Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Machete Kills" - Red Carpet

Kea Ho at “Machete Kills” premiere. … Reds fired Dusty Baker according to the AP. … Brian Hoyer may have torn knee ligaments in Browns’ win over Bills.  … Fake cancer study dupes numerous science journals. … Czech newscast gets accidentially X-rated. … Giants close on trade for Panthers linebacker Jon Beason. … Ads coming to Instagram.  … Feds eying one of Vegas’ major sports wagering players. … AJ Burnett rocked by Cardinals in game 1 of NLDS. … Car exhaust is killing honey bees. .. Brad Stevens is more than a “stat geek.” … Producers told Jennifer Lawrence she was “fat” early in her career. … CGI Sonic the Hedgehog series in the works. … Scarlett Johansson fell over. It became a meme. Thanks Internet! … Banksy art popping up in New York. … Radioactive water from fracking found in Pennsylvania stream.  … It’s never too early to start a Christmas wish list. … This ‘Breaking Bad‘ poster is cool. … Randy Galloway signing off Dallas radio. … Health care laws will still leave many poor people without coverage. … Andre Reed’s Hall of Fame credentials should simply be this card. … ESPN cutting back on the X-Games. … Happy Birthday Sam Huff (79), Susan Sarandon (67), Christoph Walz (57), Jon Secada (51), AC Green (50) and Rachel Leigh Cook (34). … Enjoy your day.

Dwight Howard:  “Now, I feel like I’m an even bigger villain.” [Yahoo!]

Baseball should embrace the Latino-style of the game. [Sports on Earth]

Good read on Miguel Cabrera’s approach to hitting. [WSJ]

Kershaw strikes out 12, Dodgers knock off Braves [LA Times]

Everything you could ever want to know about movie theater popcorn. [Smithsonian]

FIFA gets tough, forms task force on winter World Cup in Qatar. Boom! [Evening Standard]

The Government shutdown as seen on TV. [Daily Beast]

New York Times gushing over “Gravity.” [NYT]

Magic Johnson says Dodgers won’t pursue Robinson Cano. [USA Today]

Cristiano Ronaldo writers letter for charges to be dropped against fan who hugged him during a game this summer in Miami. [Miami Herald]

This dog is awesome. [HyperVocal]

Should the Simpsons retire Apu? [HuffPost]

Are killer hornets the Internet version of killer bees? [VICE]

Sinead O’Connor pens open letter to Miley Cyrus. (???) [Guardian]

“The Shot” made and ruined former UConn player Tate George. [Courant]

Coach K meets with Mark Emmert, sees chance for change. [Charlotte Observer]

Antrel Rolle is the best radio interview in sports. [Newsday]

Tony La Russa loves cats. [WSJ]

OJ Mayo tried to trash talk Michael Jordan in high school, bad idea. [SI]

Top high school soccer program in country has a unique approach. [Top Drawer Soccer]

Interview with MMQB’s Robert Klemko. [NFL Spin Zone]

Dr. J shirtless wearing a sombero. [700 Level]

An ode to Randall Cunningham-era Eagles. []

“Let it go, bro.”

Video of car chase following DC shooting on Thursday.

The Univision “Breaking Bad” remake, “Metástasis,” has a trailer.

Via Hot Clicks, what happens when you tell people you’re “so high right now.”

WFAN caller wants Mets to acquire “Mike Trumbo” from the Angels. Also has angry parrot squawking in background.

Stomach-turning leg break clip. You’ve been warned.

This is old. It’s probably been in a roundup before. It’s funny. It’s ridiculous. It’s Friday.

Volcano Choir.

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