Roundup: Andy Enfield Dating Tips, A Blizzard Nobody Heard About; The King of the Selfie

Roundup: Andy Enfield Dating Tips, A Blizzard Nobody Heard About; The King of the Selfie


Roundup: Andy Enfield Dating Tips, A Blizzard Nobody Heard About; The King of the Selfie

georgiasalpa2Georgia Salpa … Record blizzard last week in South Dakota might have killed 75,000 cows. (Say what?) … Brooklyn rabbi allegedly tortured men with cattle prod to coerce them into a divorce. … Saddest photo of the government shutdown yet? … Jeff Ireland’s inbox got hacked. … Is Lennox Lewis coming out of retirement to fight a Klitschko for a $100 million bout? … Manny Machado had knee surgery, will be out 4-6 months. … New Jersey closer to allowing gay marriage.  … Sup, Dog. … The “man purse” is now a $9 billion business. … Vlad Guerrero gets my Hall of Fame vote. … English soccer club bans FIFA 14 on gamedays. … Phil Mushnick isn’t a fan of Jon Gruden in the MNF booth. Shocker. … Mariah Carey had a nice birthday present lined up for Nick Cannon. … Please welcome the Las Vegas Mobsters to the world. … Nick Offerman will be on the Simpsons. … Carmen Electra is still bringing the heat on Instagram. … Happy Birthday Steve Young (52); Luke Perry (47); MC Lyte (43); Ty Wigginton (36); Terrell Suggs (31) and Michelle Wei (24). … Here’s the staple of any nutritious breakfast, be sure to wash it down with a piping hot cup of pumpkin spice flavored coffee.

Joe Thornton give us the best on-the-record quote in a long time. [The Province]

Baylor football is shredding Vegas. [Betting Talk]

In praise of fat baseball players. [Sports on Earth]

“All is Fair in Love and Twitter.” [NYT]

Thanks to the magic of Vine, we now have smoke ring trick shots. [Hyper Vocal]

And here’s some number-crunching on Twitter’s mysterious IPO [WSJ]

Would the Tigers trade Max Scherzer this winter? [CBS]

Ryan Harrow gets a fresh shot. [College Basketball Talk]

UEFA considering a league for international teams. [Guardian]

MrPimpGoodGame is “King of the Selfie.” [Vice]

Ryan Anderson is coping with girlfriend’s suicide during Magic training camp. [Orlando Sentinel]

The Atlanta Silverbacks want you to dress up in lederhosen (and have fun) at next home match. [Top Drawer Soccer]

Picking a team to root for in the baseball playoffs. [700 Level]

USC hoops coach Andy Enfield talks about his first date with his wife Amanda, a former super model. The date included a St. John’s game and a trip to Taco Bell.

Archer does Top Gun.

Don’t fight with bouncers.

Frisbee vs. Ball in epic game of H.O.R.S.E.

Pedro Martinez has been awesome on TBS’ postseason set this month. Here’s him throwing his batting helmet and charging the mound in 1996.

Bayern/Manchester City set to Benny Hill. Brilliant. (46 uninterrupted touches by Bayern if you’re scoring at home.)

Heidecker & Wood.

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