NLCS Game 5 Tickets Selling For As Little As $11

NLCS Game 5 Tickets Selling For As Little As $11


NLCS Game 5 Tickets Selling For As Little As $11

danny devito dancing at dodgers game

Dodgers fever appears to be on life support. Los Angeles trails St. Louis 3-1 heading into today’s NLCS Game 5 elimination game.

Somebody call the Rally Bear, stat.

The silver lining here? If you want to go to the game today you can sit in the upper deck at Dodger Stadium for as little as $11 on StubHub, which is probably around the same price Zack Morris paid circa 1992 when he skipped school to watch the Dodgers, using a Jewish holiday as an excuse. Put it this way, it’s cheaper to go watch Zack Greinke pitch in a playoff game than it is to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.”

In fairness to Los Angeles fans, who are an easy target for their long-noted bandwagon tendencies, the game starts at 1 p.m. local time on a Wednesday. With the team in a 3-1 hole it’s probably not worth burning a personal day or coming up with an excuse — unless, again, you’re Zack Morris.

By comparison, the cheapest tickets at Comerica Park for tonight’s ALCS game between the Tigers and Red Sox are $60.

Either way, $11 bucks to get in the building with a chance to see Yasiel Puig do something special in October feels like a bargain. If you play your cards right you can worm your way down to where Tom Cruise is sitting by the end of the game. [H/T @dombonvissuto]

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