Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 4: Enter Fister

Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 4: Enter Fister


Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 4: Enter Fister

The Tigers blew a 5-1 lead to Boston in Game 2 thanks to the continued magic of David Ortiz, and then followed that crushing loss with a deflating 1-0 defeat in Game 3. Right about now, a Donkey Kong hammer to the nostrils feels like the next logical outcome for Detroit.

But this is not the time of year to dwell on things, especially since we’re staring at an insufferable Red Sox-Cardinals World Series matchup, one that would be truly nauseating from a fanbase perspective.

Attempting to save face for both the Tigers and society in general and avoid that dreaded 3-1 uh, hole, will be Doug Fister. His lone postseason outing came against Oakland where he went six innings and allowed three runs. Going for Boston is a very familiar face for Detroit hitters in Jake Peavy, though there’s nothing to be too alarmed about if you’re a Red Sox fan when you look at how he has fared against Jimmy Leyland’s lineup.*

Of most importance here is that you must not forget the most significant nugget of the postseason … the hellacious existence of SOXTOBAH. It must go down, and it must go down hard.

*Definitely not a reverse jinx.

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